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Sushi Restaurant Website FAIL!

29 Oct

UPDATE:  They took the photos down .. boo!  If you do a google search for nemo sushi you know which picture used to be up there.


Go check it out!

See anything weird about the photo of the maki rolls on the home page?

Look closer… it’s Nemo Sushi >__<;;

Ok… I found this originally from FailBlog here.  However, the original post was about the large food platter picture from the “about us” link.  At the top of the platter was a little mouse sitting and having some rice onigiri!  heehee  They photoshopped it out of the picture.  You can still see it’s little tailio peeking out from behind the tamago (egg) at the top of the photo.

Let this be a lesson to you… don’t steal pics from the internet for your business use!