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Why I’ve been MIA

4 May

Hello everyone!  So I’ve been MIA because I took a 1 month trip to Los Angeles to be the Maid of Honor at my best friend’s wedding and visit family.  I will blog about that another day.  In the meanwhile it’s suddenly gone from late summer directly to early winter here in Santiago.  I swear this country has only 2 seasons… (1) Warm, (2) Cold and smoggy  >__<;;

Here are some photos from this weekend:

hmmm I'm looking a little flushed >_<

These were taken at Lamu Lounge.


Quirky Java

26 Feb

If you know me, chances are you know I’m an avid drinker of coffee. Usually at least 1 cuppa per day. You may also know that I’m a pretty big fan of Hayao Miyazaki. Imagine my surprise when surfing the net I found something that combines both!

This is Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service.  Just in case you didn’t know. 😀  Apparently at the cafe at the Ghilbi museam in Japan you get coffee with characters drawn in it!  If you’re not familiar w/Kiki I suggest clicking the link above to see just how awesome this coffee illustration is.  Oh, and the movie is worth watching too.  Very cute!  Wah~  XD

(Hmm..  2 Miyazai posts in a row.  It was completely coincidental.  Really. )


10 Feb

Oh my goodness… this is just too cute!

I found this at Coco Cakes Cupcakes’s flicker stream.  Will someone make this for me?

Doing the Beach

23 Nov

The hubby and I are starting the South Beach Diet starting tomorrow.  Diet is really a misnomer, it’s more of a change to the way you eat forever.  If you are curious about it there is a lot of info online:

I honestly don’t spend any time on the official website.  The other site is a wealth of info and I’m constantly reading though the boards for information.  Wish me luck!

Birthday Cupcakes

18 Nov

It is my Father-in-law’s (FIL) 70th birthday today.  We already had a big party for him last Saturday.  It wouldn’t do however to just let today pass by without any kind of recognition.  So, I made him some cupcakes to celebrate.

These are Devil’s Food Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting.  Oh and a strawberry too.  (Excuse the weird pink blanket in the background.  I was looking for somewhere with light coming through a window.)  I got the recipe for the cupcakes at Cupcake Bakeshop.   Chockylit isn’t updating anymore but, the stuff that is still in her archives is incredible!  It really inspired me to want to make cupcakes and I finally had an excuse.

Just a few notes.  I followed her recipe almost exactly except I added about 3oz of melted good quality dark chocolate.  (70% cacao.)  I also used salted butter.  Chockylit mentioned in the comments that she usually adds a pinch of salt to everything and this was my way of compensating.  I also substituted about 1/3 cup raw sugar for regular just because I ran out of the white stuff.  The cake was amazingly soft and moist.  Not too rich, not too sweet, and just right on the chocolate scale for me.  If you’re looking for a super rich chocolate flavored cake this isn’t it.

They baked up pretty well.  See how nice and pretty domed shaped they are?  Well this batch totally caved in on me while they were cooling.  It was pretty warm today and they were in a breezy place.  The other batch that was allowed to cool a little less drastically away from any breezes managed to keep most of their shape.  Chockylit’s instructions to let cool slightly in the pan 1st shouldn’t be ignored.  This will help make sure your cupcakes don’t fall.   I will post the frosting recipe below.  You can learn how to pipe frosting here.

Click More for Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

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Sushi Restaurant Website FAIL!

29 Oct

UPDATE:  They took the photos down .. boo!  If you do a google search for nemo sushi you know which picture used to be up there.

Go check it out!

See anything weird about the photo of the maki rolls on the home page?

Look closer… it’s Nemo Sushi >__<;;

Ok… I found this originally from FailBlog here.  However, the original post was about the large food platter picture from the “about us” link.  At the top of the platter was a little mouse sitting and having some rice onigiri!  heehee  They photoshopped it out of the picture.  You can still see it’s little tailio peeking out from behind the tamago (egg) at the top of the photo.

Let this be a lesson to you… don’t steal pics from the internet for your business use!

Road Trip to La Serena

11 Jun

I’m still recovering from the trip the hubby and I took yesterday. We went to La Serena, a beach city 471 km (292 miles) north of Santiago. He had to meet up with someone at the hospital there for some work related stuff. The hubs thought it would be nice to make a mini trip for me as La Serena is a popular beach destination. I didn’t bargain for leaving at 5:30 in the morning. O.o

The skies didn’t start to lighten up until past 6:30am or so. After 5 hours of driving, including a couple of bathroom stops we finally arrived in La Serena at 10:30 in the morning. Interestingly, we managed to arrive just in time to witness a massive school bus demonstration. I have no idea what they were upset about. They were driving down the main street like a funeral procession. Interestingly, the police were helping to direct traffic and keep the driving peace. Random.

Spend a couple of hours at the local hospital. The hubby finished up his work stuff & we headed to the beach to take a quick look around. I’m told that this place is packed in the summer. Today with 55F degree weather, there was hardly a soul out there. I was kind of disconcerted by the sign I spotted at the beach.

Not a sign you really want to see….

We stopped by this place in a tiny city called Huentelauquen on the way back down for some cheese they’re famous for. (btw… Huentelauquen is pronounced when-teh-la-oo-ken. Say that 5 times fast~) We had some empanadas while being stared at by the local dog. >_<;; He of course having his doggy senses realized that I was an easy target and gave me his best sad dog eyes. Naturally I couldn’t take it and he got a little piece of my empanada.

A little further south of Huentelauquen was Pichidangui where my hubby and his family used to visit for vacationing when he was a kid. A quiet little seaside town. We were hoping to grab a fabulous seafood lunch here, but alas the restaurant was closed. Thankfully those cheese empanadas were pretty filling. Not only that, the fishermen hadn’t gone out to fish, so no local fresh seafood to take home either. :/ We did however go take a look at the shore… and oh MAN was it windy and cold. I mean WINDY and COLD! I could barely keep my balance to take a couple of photos of the rocky shoreline. The rest of the drive home was pretty damn windy. The gusts were pretty strong. At one point when driving over a bridge, a gust blew us a few feet over to the side. We got back home at about 5pm. Had dinner and I crashed out at 7:30.

If you’re interested, you can take a look at the rest of the photos I took HERE.