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Why Crocheting and Manga Don’t Mix

17 Apr

Just in case you don’t know. There isn’t supposed to be a loopy type thing there. I wasn’t paying attention while reading online manga and crocheted into the wrong place. Good thing I caught it fairly quickly and didn’t have to frog very much. Btw, frog = unravel for non-crochet/knitty folks. Why you ask do they call it frogging? Well… because you “rip it” out… the stitches that is. Rip it, rip it…. sound familiar? Yeah I know… bad bad knitting humor. >_<;; Seriously, it’s a term that everyone uses. When in Rome~

Anyway, this is going to be baby blanket for my soon to enter the world nephew, hubby’s side of the family.

Oh… and no comments from the peanut gallery about my juvenile hobbies. 😛


Busy Bee

3 Apr

Let’s play: What has Paula been up to this past week?

1) Sleeping
2) Being a hermit
3) Re-purposing yarn

If you guessed #3, then you’re right and you win [insert something clever here]. I am a cheapie and to feed my yarn habit I have started to re-purpose yarn from sweaters. Yes… I have a yarn habit. Don’t laugh, it’s addicting I tell you! I go into yarn stores and pet soft yarn and dream about buying them. Unfortunately, good quality yarn can get pricey and I’m not willing to spend $100+ for a project… yet. So, I did some thrift store crawling and found some sweaters with some really nice yarn that I’d knit/crochet with. I picked up 3 sweaters for a little under five bucks. I’d never done this before but read about people who did. In prep, I went out and bought some Soak which is a soap for hand knit items. [Quick tangent here: Soak is really cool, biodegradable, and no rinse… yep.. no rinse = less work. Can be used for anything delicate that you are supposed to hand wash. I got the A Scent for Celebration version from Cozy Cottage Fabrics in Brea. The smell is hard to describe, but is mild and kind of refreshing in a soapy way. ^_^ ]

Little did I realize quite how much work it takes to unravel a sweater into usable yarn. Some action shots:

This is what I started with…

Yuki likes to sit on the soft cushiony sweater pieces. I think this dog was a cat in his former life. >_<

This is the whole sweater unraveled in hanks and hanging from my Ikea lamp. It’s a tad less than 900 yards of worsted weight yarn. Composition: 69% Lambs wool, 19% Angora, 12% Nylon. It’s all kinky from being in the sweater and waiting to be washed.

Hanging to dry after a wash. Yes, those are some beanie babies… I couldn’t find anything else to evenly weigh down the yarn. I ended up taking them off out of color bleeding fear, but aren’t they cute? It looks like some freak ghetto doll carnival ride lol

Anyway… I’ve got the 2nd sweater unraveled and soaking. I still have to wind up the first batch into center pull balls. Is it a whole lot of work? um.. yeah it is. Am I regretting this? Not yet, it’s actually kind of soothing and having new yarn makes me happy. wheeeeeee~~

Let There be Peace on Earth Project

28 Mar

So while reading the Ravelry forums I came across a project being put together by SophiaRowen. She is making a quilt comprised of a flag from every nation in the world. This is going to be her senior project thesis and displayed at the art show. If someone decides to buy it she will be donating the funds to Doctors without Boarders. Awesome! In her words:

Let There be Peace on Earth (and Let it Begin with Me)

“A few weeks ago, I was on Ravelry in the Knitting our Way to Peace group. In this thread, I brought up a project I would like to do for my senior thesis show this fall. The other Ravelrers were enthusiastic, and now that things have temporarily settled down a little, I’d like to get started with it.

The idea is this: a flag for every nation of the world, sewn together to make a large quilt. At the center would be the words “Let there be Peace on Earth.” I think it would be much more meaningful if it was a group project, rather than an individual one.”

Click the link above for full details. I have signed up for the flag of North Korea. I think this is an amazing idea and I really commend her for taking the initiative to put this together. The amount of work that is going to be involved to coordinate and sew this together boggles my mind. The great part about the project is that anyone can participate. She is taking any kind of fiberart related craft. So knitting, crocheting, quilting, embroidery.. just as long as it’s hand made and she can sew it together. You have until August 1st to claim a flag, but you’d better hurry if there is a specific one that you have in mind. So far as of today 157 out of 198 are spoken for! (psst Gina…. Guam is still avail~ ^_~ )

Starting Over…

12 Jan

Well I know I haven’t really written about it yet, but I’ve taken up crocheting as a hobby.  I’d say that I qualify as an intermediate crocheter.  After having watched a friend/co-worker of mine knit up a really beautiful yet simple scarf up, I was inspired!

Last night I spent most of the evening attempting to teach myself knitting in the continental style.  The key word here being attempting…  >_<;;  The more common style is english knitting.  I learned this way once ages ago as a little girl.  The is much debate about which style is ‘better.’  Either way, continental style is faster and requires less movement, also generally you hold the yarn in your left hand.  Since I am a beginner I have all options available to me.  It does seem easier for me to keep my yarn tension more consistent with continental as I am used to doing this with my crocheting.  Armed with some spare stash yarn and size 8 aluminum needles, I managed to master the knit stitch.  (I’m not even going to go into the finger gymnastics required to accomplish a purl stitch in the continental style.)  I was rather frustrated at how my stitches kept on slipping off the tips of the needles.  After some research on the Ravelry web boards, it was suggested that metal knitting needles were not suggested for beginners because of the slippage.  doh~

Thus re-energized, today I visited my LYS (Local Yarn Store, for you non knitter/crocheters out there) for some advice.  They heartily agreed with me that metal is not the way to go for beginners.  They also steered me away from the Plymouth Dreambaby DK yarn that I was eyeballing and suggested that worsted weight is better for your first project.  The reasoning here being that the main purpose was to work on the technique and thinner yarns might make that more difficult.  I ended up settling on 2 skeins of Plymouth Encore Colorspun in a grey/green colorway.  I also picked up some Brittany knitting needles in size 10 on sale for $5.60!  This was my first visit to Unraveled, and the ladies were super nice and helpful.  No anti-crochet sentiments what so ever.  I was encouraged to drop by the free knitting classes for demos on how to do the continental style purling.  I’m told there are 3 different ways!  O.o  I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it. 

Wish me luck!