Living through it

27 Feb

Got to bed late on Friday night.  Watching TV and playing online.  I’d probably slept for only 1 hour before the shaking started.  Shook hubby’s arm, “KH, earthquake!”  He was already awake and alert like me.  At first I figured I’d just wait for the shaking to stop then go back to sleep.  My usual quake MO.  About 30 seconds into it when the smaller ones usually stop this one kept going and got stronger.  It was like someone hit the turbo or something.  Both of us realized at this point it was a big one.

We were rolling and bouncing around on the bed like someone put marbles in a box and shook it.  The wall behind us starts making cracking sounds and bits of the wall stuff fall on us while we hear something crash.  Later we discovered this was our bookcase in the bedroom.  Once the shaking stopped we sat stunned.  It was so eerie.  It was dead quiet.  No cars driving by.  Nothing.  We checked that each other was okay and I ventured off the bed to promptly step on a fallen picture frame and break the glass.  After we getting our wits about us and our shoes on we got the flashlight and checked around the apartment.  Miraculously the bookcase was the only thing that fell over and the picture frame I stepped on the only thing that broke.

After a few minutes of wandering around KH suggested we go downstairs to the lobby to check with other people.  I wasn’t too happy about this but agreed.  I was always taught that it was safer indoors after a quake provided your building was relatively sound.  About half the building was out front or in the lobby.  No cell phone or land line service.  Everyone was worried about family and friends elsewhere.  Our building has a generator  (as do most in the neighborhood where I live.) Finally after waiting a few hours in the lobby we were given the okay to go back up.  Sleep was elusive and aftershocks constant.

Being from So Cal I’m fairly accustomed to earthquakes.  All things considered I’m somewhat surprised that I wasn’t at all scared during this whole event.  Registering 8.3 where we are and seeming to go on for ages, I think I’m going to be able to face any earthquake without blinking an eye now.


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