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5 Cool Things About Chile

16 Jun

I think I spend a lot of time lamenting the things I don’t have access to living here.  I thought it was high time I used some blog space talking about some of the positives about living down here.  So with no further ado…

5 Cool Things About Chile

  1. They have beer on tap at the food court in the mall. ^__^  I’m sure may more woman could convince their SOs to go shopping with them stateside if malls had beer.
  2. On a Friday of a holiday weekend… young people gather in these chilean “pojangmacha” type bars in the neighborhood w/cheap plastic outdoor furniture and start partying at around 3 in the afternoon. w00t~ (Pojangmacha are small street vender/cafe type places w/cheap patio furniture that sell cheap food/alcohol in Korea.)
  3. The seafood and fresh veggies… oh I can sing the praises of the cheap fresh seafood and fruits and veggies. I think it’s because they have a really short farm to market time frame. If you pick the right days to go to the markets.. you can get stuff that is barely a day old. Interestingly all of the very top grade fruits and veggies aren’t sold to Chileans. I don’t think they’d pay the prices.. it all gets exported. Which explains all the really good Chilean fruit in Costco. lolempann
  4. The ski slopes are a 1 hour drive and the beach is 1 hr 15min away.  It’s very similar in that way to Los Angeles.  It’s great.  Feel like the beach? No problem!  Want to hit the slopes? It’s just a hop skip and jump away.  Not to mention that the ski resorts don’t have any trees for you to accidently run into.
  5. Empanadas… OHHH EMPANADAS~~~  MMmmmmm  My personal favorites are the razor clam/cheese ones.  Good Lordy these are good.  ‘Nuf said.

This made me laugh today~

12 Jun