Golf ‘n Stuff

3 Feb

Okay, okay… I know I have been terrible about posting.  Several factors come into play.  I’d lost some of my blogging mojo partly because I wasn’t really inspired to post about much. (Not a whole lot of interesting stuff going on. I also wasn’t too key on using the energy needed to make the mundane entertaining to read about.)  Not to mention that time spent in front of the computer these days was the equivalent of vegging in front of the TV.  I really didn’t want to have to think too much.  Spider Solitaire:  what can I say.. except I can’t get past 2 suits. O_o  (Fishing Girl is really relaxing too!)

This week I’m watching my brother-in-law’s (BIL’s) store for him.  It’s a wholesale clothing store.  Actually there are 3 stores, but the other 2 have managers.  I only need to open/close and pick up the daily sales for those locations.  Hubby’s been helping a bit when he has time.  So sweet!  It’s been quite the adventure so far and my Spanish is remedial at best.  I’m pretty much stuck here all day.  Now I have some blogging time.

If you follow me on twitter than you’ve probably heard that I started taking golf lessons with the hubby.  It’s a lot of fun and a sport I never really thought I’d get into.  I had this horrible scarring experience of going to the range w/my uncle back in HS.  Even though all beginners are.. well beginners.  I’d listened to his explaination and it too me a few swings before I managed to finally hit what seemed like an impossibly small ball.  It rolled about 5 meters.  I was pretty disheartened and figured that golf really wasn’t my thing.  I’m not really particularly sporty gal and figured that my strengths lie elsewhere.  I’m not really a quitter, but at the time I wasn’t particularly interested in golf anyway. 

About a month ago, my BIL spoke to the hubby about learning to play golf and joining the country club he was a member of.  Spaces don’t open up too often, it was a bargain, good for entertaining clients.. blah blah.  Well the BIL and his 7 year old son were taking lessons and recommended their teacher.  We haven’t decided about the CC membership, but decided that it was a good idea to learn to play.  It would be good for business purposes and a sporty activity that we could enjoy as a couple/family. 

Last month we met up with the BIL and instructor at the range to discuss the possibility of lessons.  Apparently the 1st lesson is free and after having some pizza we jumped right into learning with some loaner clubs.  (Omg the thin crust pizza there is to die for! PLUS they have 2for1 drinks and pizzas until 10pm. 10PM FOLKS!! Crazy ass long happy hour is not conducive to a good golf learning environment.  I’m hoping that after golf ice cold beers will become a tradition of sorts. hee hee) Turns out that I wasn’t completely miserable at playing golf. I just needed a better explanation of the basics. (Sorry Uncle John!)  I took a deep cleansing breath and took my 1st swing.  Wouldn’t you know it, that ball flew straight and high.  Oh man what a good feeling that was!  Everyone chuckled and joked that it was in my blood to be a golfer. (Said uncle is a fanatic & my aunt was a golf widow until she and all the kids started playing golf too.)

So far I’ve had 3 lessons and it’s been great!  Our instructor, Sony (pronounced Sunny.. not like the electronics company) had been busy last weekend at a golf tourny so we postponed one.  We’re scheduled for a total of 10 sessions which include time out on a course.  I’m pretty nervious about that.  I’ll see if I can get some video of me practicing next week and upload it for you to point and laugh at. O_o


3 Responses to “Golf ‘n Stuff”

  1. Joel C. Suggs February 3, 2009 at 1:00 pm #

    Good Luck.

    Fantastic game if you enjoy humility – and have the ability to laugh at yourself and the ability to laugh at others – when you know that it will not hurt their feelings.

    I.E. – you really learn who your friends are.

  2. Peachy February 3, 2009 at 5:12 pm #

    I’m beginning to understand just a tiny bit what they mean when they say that golf is a mental game.

  3. Brian Charles February 4, 2009 at 6:34 pm #

    Ahhhh…golf….you are totally wrong though…Drinking at the 9th and 18th holes….and 4th….7th….well…pretty much all of them. Man I cant believve I didnt get kicked out of the country club for launching the golf cart off the hill of the 4th green. Or the golf cart jousting we did with golf clubs on the 11th…

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