Earthquakes + Aftershocks = not fun

19 Dec

If you haven’t been following my twitter feed then you will interested to know that there was a 5.9 earthquake here yesterday evening.  To be more specific it was centered in Valparaiso, a coastal city about 1hr 15min from here.  It gave me a pretty good shaking and was the first time I’ve experienced being in an earthquake 1) alone & 2) not on the 1st floor.  Both of which made me a little more freaked out than normal.  I think I’ve become somewhat immune to earthquakes from growing up in California.  It helps that most of the large one’s I’ve felt have happened in the wee hours of the morning when I was sleeping.  In other words, the shaking woke me up but, I wasn’t really coherent.  Being not quite awake helps to reduce panic. 😛

Here’s a look at my twitter feed over the past 24 hours:

Kissmyapple OMG Earthquake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2008-12-18 16:21
Kissmyapple Ok… it’s over… Well that freaked me out. I don’t know where it was centered, from here felt like a 4. I’m ok.. just got a good shakin’ 2008-12-18 18:39
Kissmyapple Aftershocks……. T__T 2008-12-18 18:52
Kissmyapple lol watching CNN Chile live and the announcer who is live and in the middle of the finanical report stops, and says “oh it’s an aftershock” 2008-12-18 18:55
Kissmyapple Turns out it was a 5.9 centered about an hour from here. 2008-12-18 19:47
Kissmyapple …ugh woken up by another fairly strong aftershock at 6:20am. >__< 2008-12-19 11:22

I think my mental dialoge after the earthquake was pretty funny.  I’m standing in the kitchen alone, chopping veggies when the earthquake happens and then this is what happens:

  • … omg EARTHQUAKE
  • *pause* ok it isn’t that strong
  • I hope the hubby is ok
  • OMG I need to Twitter this!

So I stop what I’m doing and run to the computer. hahaha

Oh.. and since there I don’t have any pictures related to the earthquake here is a photo of Christina.  She’s the youngest of one of our friends down here.

Isn’t she adorable?  Apologies for the blurry pic but that kid moves fast!  Also…. doesn’t see look like someone to you?  hmmm?  Still don’t see it?  Here:


tee hee~


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