3 Dec

If you guys have been following my twitter feed.  (I have a copy of the feed on the left column of this page if you don’t have a twitter.)  You might have noticed that I won a bit of money playing blackjack last weekend.  They have a new casino here in Santiago, the Casino Monticello and the hubby & I went to check it out.

It’s supposed to be the biggest casino in South America.  A casino/hotel/convention center, they opened up about 2 months ago.  Located about 40 min outside of Santiago, driving out reminded me of driving to Morongo out in SoCal.  There is basically nothing major out there other than the casino.  They also have a ton of construction still going on.

The 1st stage is the only one that is finished. (Center in the photo).  They are working on the paseo now.  The photo was taken from the Monticello website and must be a computer rendering of what it is going to look like when it’s all done.  It is nicely done and reminds me of Vegas.  The color scheme is beige and cream something like the Bellagio.  On a funny note, I think it’s amusing that all the photos on the website are of tables with green felt when everything in there is beige.  There are some places to eat and bars, but as we were there at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon I just had some juice and can’t comment on the food or drinks.  I did like the glass chandeliers in the main foyer. I found a pic here:

It’s much prettier in person.  At the top of the escalator you’re pretty close to them.  (5ft from the tip of my hand raised up?)  Someone holding something tall could accidentally break one.  :/  Oh the women in the red dresses in the center..  that is what the women dealers had to wear.  Poor gals.

I want to share how they play bingo down here.  It’s my new favorite thing to do at a casino.  (The other being blackjack.)  You can find bingo in all the casinos here.  It’s kind of like keno in Vegas, you play where it’s quiet and you can grab some food/drinks while you’re playing.  The game play is much simpler than American style bingo.  As you can see in the picture, the card is completely different.  You can win one of two things.  First is, línea.  This translates into ‘line.’  If you manage to fill one of the horizontal rows then you yell out “línea!”  This jackpot is small(er).  Then they check to see if you have correctly marked your card.  Someone w/a mic comes over and calls out your card # to the people up front. (#2474 in the pictured card)  They punch it into the system and up pops a copy on screen w/all the correct #s punched in.  They then continue the game.  Bingo is when you fill up all the numbers on your card.  I was 1 short of winning this game:

It’s pretty easy and even though I get confused w/my numbers above the 50’s they go slow enough for me to check the boards as they go.  The jackpots depend on how many card have been sold that game.  Here one card runs for 500 Chilean pesos, ie approx 75 cents USD.  I was playing two at a time.  Since we were there earlier on a Sunday it was very empty and the jackpots were línea: 2,500 & bingo 8,250.  (~30 cards sold)  OoOhhhh big money.  hehehehe  Actually, the real money is if you manage to hit bingo within a certain amount of numbers that they call, here it’s 40.  So if you hit bingo before the 40th ball is chosen then you get the special jackpot.  It was about $1400USD 14,000USD.  KH won línea 3 times & I hit bingo once.  It’s better if you go when it’s busy.. but fun nonetheless.

Differences between casinos.  You can eat in Vina’s bingo room, not at Monticello’s.  At the casino in Vina del Mar the numbers only go up to I think approx 60 or 70, here the max is 90.  Another difference is the special jackpot there is within 30 numbers. (I think… )  Ahhhh.. too bad we didn’t get the special jackpot.

Next time: Blackjack!


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  1. Kent December 3, 2008 at 10:40 am #

    Looks fun! 🙂

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