Lots of stuff.. but ugh

18 Oct

Hi guys,

I have a ton of stuff I should be posting about… my weekend in Argentina.. the birthday that just passed… (I’m 32 how depressing!) and more.  Except, I came down with a pretty bad throat cold on Sunday night which has pretty much taken the wind outta my sails.  I think it’s the weather fluctuations that did it.  Plus it was really windy in Buenos Aires on Sat. evening.  I’m on doctor’s orders not to talk for 2 days while my throat finishes healing.  😦    I sound like a bull frog.  Croak!  Croak!  O___o


One Response to “Lots of stuff.. but ugh”

  1. Kent October 27, 2008 at 7:36 am #

    32 isn’t THAT bad 😉

    But, weren’t we just 22? haha

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