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Scary Maze Game

30 Oct

You know the one I’m talking about.  Recently browsing on the internets (yes… all of them :P)  I came across a video that so very vividly and painfully made me relive my experience with that stupid @#$&*! game.  O__o

Before I get to anything else, if you don’t know already I am extremely sensitive to stuff like this.  I don’t watch uber suspenseful movies because I can’t handle the adrenalin that my body produces.  I had issues watching Jurassic Park in the movie theater.  Don’t laugh… that movie had a lot of suspense in it and I almost peed in my pants when the velocorapter was jumping up through the ceiling tiles.  My poor cousin Charley had a maimed hand by the time the movie was over.  So, you get it. I don’t like scary stuff.  I don’t like stuff that startles me.  Don’t run up behind me and yell boo.  I just might have to kill you for it.

Back to my story.  Not too long after I’d gotten married I was checking emails and things at our apt.  Our computer was in the living room with the TV, so we’d taken to using headphones so as not to bother whoever was watching TV.  Reading my friend Brian’s blog I came across the link to a fun game he’d suggested playing and had the link.  Being the trusting sort (yeah… I gotta get that fixed) I clicked and started playing.  It was a simple mouse driven maze that worked kind of like that old board game Operation.  I had my headset on and was pretty close to the laptop screen and finally I got to level 4. This is pretty much exactly what happened to me:


I called Brian after I’d managed to gather my wits… and started yelling.  The guy had NO idea what I was talking about… he’d only made it to level 2.  >__<;;

If you’re interested in playing it, click here.  Be forewarned!


Sushi Restaurant Website FAIL!

29 Oct

UPDATE:  They took the photos down .. boo!  If you do a google search for nemo sushi you know which picture used to be up there.

Go check it out!

See anything weird about the photo of the maki rolls on the home page?

Look closer… it’s Nemo Sushi >__<;;

Ok… I found this originally from FailBlog here.  However, the original post was about the large food platter picture from the “about us” link.  At the top of the platter was a little mouse sitting and having some rice onigiri!  heehee  They photoshopped it out of the picture.  You can still see it’s little tailio peeking out from behind the tamago (egg) at the top of the photo.

Let this be a lesson to you… don’t steal pics from the internet for your business use!

Lots of stuff.. but ugh

18 Oct

Hi guys,

I have a ton of stuff I should be posting about… my weekend in Argentina.. the birthday that just passed… (I’m 32 how depressing!) and more.  Except, I came down with a pretty bad throat cold on Sunday night which has pretty much taken the wind outta my sails.  I think it’s the weather fluctuations that did it.  Plus it was really windy in Buenos Aires on Sat. evening.  I’m on doctor’s orders not to talk for 2 days while my throat finishes healing.  😦    I sound like a bull frog.  Croak!  Croak!  O___o

Bienvenidos a Buenos Aires!

11 Oct

Hi guys… I can’t believe I’m blogging from a hotel in Buenos Aires.  Hubby and I made a last min. decision to take a quick weekend trip to Buenos Aires.  We left Santiago late Friday night and had a pretty quick 1 1/2 hour flight. 

The weather is kind of funky today.  It started out super hot and now it’s 5pm and raining outside.. weird.  So, it’s kind of humid, but not cold.

Won approx. $50USD last night playing slots..   Well I’ll post more later.  Have a good weekend all~