La Primavera

16 Sep

This morning I went for a walk to the local park with my in-laws.  It’s rather warmer here than I thought it would be.  The expected early Spring bite wasn’t there.  You would have thought it was early summer from the weather!

We were there to enjoy the wisteria hanging over the rose garden.  It’s too early for the roses, and it bit early for the wisteria too~

You can see the new leaves growing on trees.  There are trees in bloom with pink flowers that resemble cherry blossoms.  All in all it’s a beautiful site to see.

The cool thing is that there is still plenty of snow on the mountains.  Maybe I will be able to go snowboarding before the season ends.


One Response to “La Primavera”

  1. Kent September 18, 2008 at 7:21 am #

    Glad to hear it is getting warmer down there! 🙂

    In a related story… it is getting colder up here… 😉

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