The Magic Number For Today is 3

11 Sep

Today is the third anniversary of the day of my wedding to my husband.  Incidentally, I also got married for the third time today to the aforementioned husband.

Let me explain.  I actually filed our wedding certificate with the Registrar Recorders office in Los Angeles several months before our wedding ceremony back in 2005.  We did this for immigration reasons for my husband.  Not to mention he’d be covered by the health insurance offered though my job sooner.  Marriage #1 – State of California.  Then in September 2005 after much stress, postponing and planning we were wed in a beautiful garden ceremony. Marriage #2 – Union under God.  This morning we went to the Registro Civil and had a civil ceremony.  Marriage #3 – Country of Chile.  The process to receive a Chilean residency is faster when you have a Chilean marriage certificate.  Or so I’m told.

I thought it was nice that we were able to “renew” our vows again on the day of our wedding anniversary.

When the officiant asked if we were to exchange rings the husband unexpectedly said yes, only one for the lady.  He then surprised me with this:

Happy Anniversary to me~  ^_^


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