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Tragedy and Reflection

25 Sep

I thought I’d clarify my twitter update about the hospital.  I’m ok & both times in the ER were about other people.  Tuesday night we had a false alarm scare with my father in law.  He’s ok thank God. They ran a bunch of tests just to make sure everything was ok.  By the time they were done and we got home it was nearly 3am.

Then after a fitful sleep we got a telephone call in the morning.  The wife of a college buddy of my hubby (also a college buddy) was at the ER and something horrible had happened.  They asked if we could quickly come.  Turns out he was pronounced braindead at the hospital.  He had suddenly passed out in the morning.  I’m not quite sure exactly what happened medically… the terminology is all in Spanish.  All I know is that it’s frightening that someone my age can go from normally getting ready for work… to passed out… to dead.

It’s kind of strange.  I hadn’t had the chance to meet this particular couple before yet I feel as if he was a personal friend of mine who passed.  It makes me think about how life can be a precarous thing.  This does not make the control freak part of me very happy at all.

It’s just been unreal.  If any of you guys are the religious sort prayers for the family would be appreciated.  He has an 8 year old daughter.  It’s so very very tragic and unfair.  The wake is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow.


La Primavera

16 Sep

This morning I went for a walk to the local park with my in-laws.  It’s rather warmer here than I thought it would be.  The expected early Spring bite wasn’t there.  You would have thought it was early summer from the weather!

We were there to enjoy the wisteria hanging over the rose garden.  It’s too early for the roses, and it bit early for the wisteria too~

You can see the new leaves growing on trees.  There are trees in bloom with pink flowers that resemble cherry blossoms.  All in all it’s a beautiful site to see.

The cool thing is that there is still plenty of snow on the mountains.  Maybe I will be able to go snowboarding before the season ends.

The Magic Number For Today is 3

11 Sep

Today is the third anniversary of the day of my wedding to my husband.  Incidentally, I also got married for the third time today to the aforementioned husband.

Let me explain.  I actually filed our wedding certificate with the Registrar Recorders office in Los Angeles several months before our wedding ceremony back in 2005.  We did this for immigration reasons for my husband.  Not to mention he’d be covered by the health insurance offered though my job sooner.  Marriage #1 – State of California.  Then in September 2005 after much stress, postponing and planning we were wed in a beautiful garden ceremony. Marriage #2 – Union under God.  This morning we went to the Registro Civil and had a civil ceremony.  Marriage #3 – Country of Chile.  The process to receive a Chilean residency is faster when you have a Chilean marriage certificate.  Or so I’m told.

I thought it was nice that we were able to “renew” our vows again on the day of our wedding anniversary.

When the officiant asked if we were to exchange rings the husband unexpectedly said yes, only one for the lady.  He then surprised me with this:

Happy Anniversary to me~  ^_^