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… Jimini is that you? T_T

15 Aug

ARG…  I’m sitting in my living room intently watching the women’s gymnastics all around finals.  So focused on the TV… and I feel something kind of pinch my big toe on my rt. foot.  Looking down it was a cricket.  Ew! Ew! Ew!  >_<  I guess it was testing to see if I was edible.  *sigh* totally ruined the mood.  :((

I had forgotten that the reason the lizards are so damn huge in my backyard is because of the large amounts of crickets in my neighborhood.


Long flights suck

11 Aug

I’m back in Los Angeles for a few weeks. I got in at 7am on Friday. It has taken me all weekend to recuperate from the trip. Not to mention adjusting to the mid summer weather here. Oh man is it HOT. >_<;; It isn’t actually too hot maybe 92F, but coming from mid winter it feels like a super heatwave.

Well.. it’s nice to be back. ^_^