…estoy cansado

23 Jul

…. is it Friday yet you guys? >_< There is a conference for cochlear implants at the hospital we’re affiliated with this week. The pres. from LA and his wife are here…. I’m so tired I can’t tell left from right anymore. T_T Why am I tired do you ask? Because the conference is this week right? 2 surgeries today… full day of talks tomorrow and 1/2 day on friday.. They finalized the conference sched. this past Sunday. O.o WTH is wrong with people down here!?!?!? SO… all of a sudden they are asking for stuff out of the blue… We had a meeting at our office yesterday and the wife of pres from LA insisted on going WAY overboard preparing for… which of course I had to help with.  Not to mention I had to rework the Powerpoint presentation for our doctor b/c he’s bad w/computer stuff & the hubby is too busy with the d00d from LA.

Okay… I’m done ranting.  Our doc is actually a super nice guy and I’d only help b/c it’s him and the hubby… It’s becoming difficult to adjust to the slow… last minute pace down here.  >_<

Oh… I’m also acting as a tour guide for the wives…. lol


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