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…estoy cansado

23 Jul

…. is it Friday yet you guys? >_< There is a conference for cochlear implants at the hospital we’re affiliated with this week. The pres. from LA and his wife are here…. I’m so tired I can’t tell left from right anymore. T_T Why am I tired do you ask? Because the conference is this week right? 2 surgeries today… full day of talks tomorrow and 1/2 day on friday.. They finalized the conference sched. this past Sunday. O.o WTH is wrong with people down here!?!?!? SO… all of a sudden they are asking for stuff out of the blue… We had a meeting at our office yesterday and the wife of pres from LA insisted on going WAY overboard preparing for… which of course I had to help with.  Not to mention I had to rework the Powerpoint presentation for our doctor b/c he’s bad w/computer stuff & the hubby is too busy with the d00d from LA.

Okay… I’m done ranting.  Our doc is actually a super nice guy and I’d only help b/c it’s him and the hubby… It’s becoming difficult to adjust to the slow… last minute pace down here.  >_<

Oh… I’m also acting as a tour guide for the wives…. lol


Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore…

20 Jul

I had the most shocking/unpleasant experience in Chile so far this past Saturday night on the way to a friend’s house for dinner.  :(((

The hubby and a I were driving over for a small dinner party that his friend Jose Luis had invited us to.  He’s a pretty big time chef here and specializes in Spanish food.  Jose Luis and his wife Gisella recently moved to a new house in Macul so it was a bit of a housewarming party as well.  (We’re in Vitacura for reference…)  We were almost there… and waiting at red light on a major intersection when it happened.

While discussing how hungry the two of us were, KH had been looking in the side and rear view mirrors at the stop.  He suddenly hollered that there was a thief and grabbed my purse and put it in between the two of us while checking that the doors were locked.  Some guy had a big rock and ran up to the car behind us and slammed it into the driver’s side window.  Luckily the light turned green and everyone drove off like a bat out of hell.  Seriously shaken I asked what the @!%# was going on.

Apparently we were in an area that was middle class on the left.. and lower class to the right.  There are thieves who target women alone in cars.  They break the window glass… grab and run.  Luckily the lady behind us must have had reinforced glass windows and the window didn’t break.

What really bothers me the most about this incident is the type of place we were in when it happened.  It was like any major intersection in the burbs in LA with 3 lanes going each way at about 8pm.  In a middle class neighborhood.  I wouldn’t have been at all nervous walking around in that area from the way it looked.  You know how in LA there are some people who sell oranges/roses/etc. at freeway entrances/exits?  Well there are vendors like that at almost every major intersection in the city.  Not to mention the pedestrians, people waiting for buses, etc.  So if you didn’t see the rock or weren’t paying particular attention then you wouldn’t have even given the guy a second thought.  Talk about a false sense of security.

Since living here I’ve learned to not take a purse out unless absolutely necessary to avoid tempting purse thieves.  Also, to always be aware of my surroundings and people when walking about.  KH is thinking of having our car glass replaced with the reinforced kind.  I’m kind of freaked about what happened.  You’d think that if you stayed away from the “bad” areas of town and keep your doors locked when driving that it would be enough.  I guess not…

Pins, Needles and Weed

9 Jul

Okay… I’ve been a bad little blogger and procrastinating on updating.  (As someone insinuated in a comment below)  Things have been okay down here.  A quick and dirty rundown:

  • Twisted my ankle on June 27th outside the hubby’s office walking to Spanish class in the morning
  • Was super embarrassed about above incident as it occurred in front of the building with TONS of witnesses.
  • Was in acute embarrassment and did not notice any pain and walked the 3 blocks to class.
  • Ended up having to have 2 sessions of acupuncture to help heal said ankle.
  • Went to Valparaiso to buy a ton (6 dozen) crabs straight off the fishing boat, shared with lots of people and steamed some for ourselves.  Reminder to self, blog about the crabs later~
  • Went to Quintay to buy more crabs… the soft shelled kind and some Loco
  • Note to self… you’re tired of driving to the beach to pick up crabs >_<;;  dang husband and his obsession with seafood.
  • Had my Spanish class cancelled after 1 1/2 weeks from lack of students….
  • Working temporarily in the hubby’s office to help train his very green secretary
  • Helped Mother-in-law to make kimchee yesterday… felt very proud of myself.

So… that’s what’s been up.  Mostly.  My ankle is pretty much all better now.  After 2 acupuncture sessions it was all healed.  I have only minor aches when I really try and stretch my foot in the direction of the twist.  It was my 1st time getting acupuncture.  Let me tell you.  It was a strange experience.  I think maybe I had a total of 25 needles at least?  I couldn’t tell b/c I wasn’t supposed to move and I lost count after a while.  Not to mention it really didn’t hurt to put the needles in… well except the one in between my eyebrows.  That one kinda stung.  I was pretty surprised.  I was expecting him only to put the needles in my foot.  Rather I had one in the face, 1 in each hand below where your index finger and thumb meet, 1 in each elbow near where it hurts if you write too much, a couple on my belly, then all over my right ankle and up that leg.  After 30 min of being a pin cushion, the doc came back to check on me.  Strangely the place where it had hurt had shifted from the bottom of my ankle bone to the side.  He then placed 3 needles in the area with the new pain and lit 3 little cylinders of some kind of incense and placed them over the needles.  After that and a similar therapy a few days later I was a new gal.

I am a firm believer in acupuncture therapy now.  I think it isn’t good to overdo anything.  A funny little tidbit of info.  This incense… smells a lot like weed.  I was marinating in the smoke for a while too… so you can imagine what I smelled like.  Yup.  Smelling like weed… but that’s about it.  The funny look from the lady  in the elevator w/me was fun to deal with.  O.o

God Bless America

4 Jul

For those of you guys up in the States….  Happy 4th of July!