Adventures in Seafood

21 May

It´s the hubby´s birthday today if you couldn´t tell from the post below.  We had some of his friends over for a dinner party.  The menu was sashimi and yesterday we went to a fish market to get some fresh fish.  What I didn´t expect was to walk into this beautiful old historial building. 

(btw.. I didn’t take that photo)  The Mercado Central was built in 1872 and had grand plans to become a library or museam.  It became a larget market where all sorts of things are sold.  Half of the stalls are of fresh seafood… the rest are composed of fresh produce, restaurants, and a couple of places that I think were selling herbs-spices.  The space inside is huge, an open warehouse.  As I walked in I was accosted by various waiters trying to entice us to eat at their seafood restaurant.  It was a lot of fun and added to the whole “other worldly” experience of the place.   Here are some more photos that I did take:



My Hubby & his father watching the guys filet his fish:




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