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I Love Autumn… mostly

29 May

This is the ginko tree in front of our apt. building…

Isn’t it lovely?  What you can’t see is that it hit 28 degrees Fahrenheit last night.  >_<  I’m going to have to break out the long john’s soon… I’ve already broken down and wore my ski socks around the house today.  O.o


Korean Dramas…

27 May

Just a quick note… I think it’s kind of funny that the Korean video store here in Santiago is actually more advanced technology-wise than the ones in LA. The more popular shows are not only available to rent on VHS tapes… but you can rent them on DVDs too. It’s so much more convenient and the picture quality is much better.

I’ve been watching a show called 온에어 (On Air). It started off a bit slow, but it’s getting interesting. Anyone else watching this? (For those of you who don’t understand Korean… if you search youtube for “온에어 sub” I think they have episodes uploaded there with English subtitles..  ^_^ )

Anyway… you video shop guys in LA get a DVD burner!

Un Te Chai Latte Chico Con Leche de Soya Por Favor~

25 May

Hi guys… how is everything stateside these days?  Everything here is pretty nice.  I’ve just been spending the past few days hanging out with my Father in Law and meeting the hubby’s friends.  Life here isn’t as different as I had expected it to be.  Not to say that it isn’t different.. but so far I’m not having too much trouble adjusting.  I think I’ll be spending a lot of time posting about things that are interesting or different.  Some stuff you may just think is plain boring… well you can skip those posts.  lol

Last night before going to meet up with some people the hubs and I stopped by the local Starbucks.  Yeah… they’re everywhere.  I’m told that Starbucks originally came to Chile about 3 years ago but did very poorly.  I think the Chilan people drink coffee with a different mentality than we Americans do.  However, recently it’s become popular to drink coffee in American/Starbucks style coffee shops.  Interestingly it’s pretty much the same as the ones in LA.  They have almost the same menu..  I had a Chai Latte with Soy Milk… and lemme tell you.  It’s exactly the same… maybe even better than LA  haha  They even have the same ambiant music.  After a little while I joked with KH that I felt like I was in LA.   Then a store employee walked by and asked if she could clear the plate in Spanish and snapped me back into Santiago.  I don’t think I’ll be making a habit of going to Sbx, I’d much rather explore local places.  It’s nice to know that I have a little piece of LA here to chill at, just in case I get home sick.  ^_^


Adventures in Seafood

21 May

It´s the hubby´s birthday today if you couldn´t tell from the post below.  We had some of his friends over for a dinner party.  The menu was sashimi and yesterday we went to a fish market to get some fresh fish.  What I didn´t expect was to walk into this beautiful old historial building. 

(btw.. I didn’t take that photo)  The Mercado Central was built in 1872 and had grand plans to become a library or museam.  It became a larget market where all sorts of things are sold.  Half of the stalls are of fresh seafood… the rest are composed of fresh produce, restaurants, and a couple of places that I think were selling herbs-spices.  The space inside is huge, an open warehouse.  As I walked in I was accosted by various waiters trying to entice us to eat at their seafood restaurant.  It was a lot of fun and added to the whole “other worldly” experience of the place.   Here are some more photos that I did take:



My Hubby & his father watching the guys filet his fish:



For Kwang Ho…

21 May

Happy Birthday Baby… I Love You!

The Eagle Has Landed

20 May

I’m finally in Santiago now.  My flight out of LAX was delayed from 4pm to 10pm  😦  I also had the snottiest agent when I was checking in   @#$%#$!! Thankfully Lan sent us all to the nearby Embassy Suites to relax and eat while we were waiting.  Being an anal kind of person, I’d gone online a few weeks ago and pre-selected my seat for somewhere that wasn’t next to the bathroom or in a corner.  Got on the plane and realized they changed planes from an Airbus 340 to a Boeing 747  >_<  suck.  I managed a little bit of sleep on the plane despite the funky seat that wouldn’t recline properly that was right next to the bathroom.  O.o   Here’s a pic flying into Santiago:

We landed around noon.  I actually had a pretty busy day.  There was a surgery scheduled for 2pm so we rushed home & I washed up so I could go watch.  For those of you who don’t know the hubby’s work involves cochlear implants.  I had the opportunity to observe the procedure & sure as heck wasn’t going to pass that up.  I will post more on that later… in all it’s gory wonder.  lol

Here’s a pic from the 6th floor of the hospital:

That’s the Mapocho River.  cool eh?

It’s pretty cold here… I’d say lo30-hi60s.  Rain is expected to continue until Thurs.  The view from my balcony this morning… can you see the Andes Mountains?  ^_^

High School Musical

16 May

I spent today hanging out with my buddy James since I won’t be seeing him in a while. Fun Stuff. A Little known fact about James and I: We went to the same high school for a little bit. Actually I didn’t meet James until I was in college and neither of us had any idea that 7 years earlier while he was a senior, I was slumming with the lowly freshman. A few years after having met each other we had the “so what HS did you go to?” conversation. After a little while it became apparent that my freshman school photo was probably in his senior yearbook. >_<;; Well he finally dug it up. Today to torture me he brought it back out.

I’d like to start by saying. I was a nerd in high school. I accept that. I thought I’d swallow my pride and share with you my horrible horrible freshman photo which I saw for the first time when I was 22. (I moved before the school year was over.)

Oh my goodness… check out those glasses! O.o In hindsight I have NO idea why my optometrist suggested that this size frame was correct >_<;; Oh… my 1st glasses… how I loved how cute burgundy tortoise shell designed you were. Too bad they look like clown glasses.

Just because I don’t want to suffer high school photo humiliation alone. This is James’ HS senior pic:

hehe… if you’re curious, for reference click here to see what he looks like these days.

Oh… and while I’m at it… here’s a picture of John… my 1st high school crush:

Isn’t he a cutie? He had the locker directly above mine. It was one of those painful, too shy to say anything type crushes too… We were “just locker neighbors” I remember in between classes sometimes I’d be crouching at my locker and he’d lean over me to get to his locker and say “Hi! Sorry… can I get in here?” Oh my goodness my heart would beat so fast! lol We ended up being kind of casual friends… He never knew my little secret. He was such a sweetie too~ Ah… memories~~