23 Apr

I just got back a little while ago from a quick trip to Target. I was gripped by a sudden, powerful and inexplicable craving for kettle fried potato chips and diet Dr Pepper, Cherry Vanilla version. No, I’m not preggers… although I have a healthy suspicion hormones are involved. Anyway, not just any potato chip. Oh no! Specifically the Target brand, Archer Farms kettle chips. These are no ordinary potato chips. I think they are the best potato chips ever. The husband actually took a few bags to Chile when he flew back in Dec for his brother-in-law who was desperate to have some. I think he actually misses those chips more than he does In n Out. :\ The BIL that is… the hubs is craving Pho like crazy. Anyway, Parmesan Garlic are my favorite flavor. Do your self a favor and the next time you’re in Target, pick up a bag. You eyes will roll back in delight! MMMmmmmmmmm

Anyone else LOVE the $1 section at the entrance of Target? I cannot walk into a Target w/o browsing through it. Today I found some cool expanding file things that would be perfect to organize these circular knitting needles I’ve been contemplating buying. Well, usually if you buy from that seller the normal way and skip the ‘buy it now,’ you can get the set for $10. Since, I already have the storage option I suppose I might as well just get them. (HA! See how smoothly that was done? Of course, most of you aren’t quite as ill in the head as I am…. or are you?)


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