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Why Crocheting and Manga Don’t Mix

17 Apr

Just in case you don’t know. There isn’t supposed to be a loopy type thing there. I wasn’t paying attention while reading online manga and crocheted into the wrong place. Good thing I caught it fairly quickly and didn’t have to frog very much. Btw, frog = unravel for non-crochet/knitty folks. Why you ask do they call it frogging? Well… because you “rip it” out… the stitches that is. Rip it, rip it…. sound familiar? Yeah I know… bad bad knitting humor. >_<;; Seriously, it’s a term that everyone uses. When in Rome~

Anyway, this is going to be baby blanket for my soon to enter the world nephew, hubby’s side of the family.

Oh… and no comments from the peanut gallery about my juvenile hobbies. 😛