11 Apr

Whilst wasting away my time browsing through Youtube videos I came across one that just blew me away. It was of an 11 year old kid playing the guitar. Except, that sentence is so unbelievably inadequate to describe it. I actually started tearing up listening to his incredibly beautiful playing.  That is something that every few professional artists have done.  He’s been playing since he was 9 and his dream is to become a professional fingerstyle guitarist. Well, I think he’s already quite close to his goal.

Meet Jung, Sungha. Lean back and be taken to an enchanted and beautiful place…

Yesterday Once More

Secret Story

When the Children Cry

Can you tell I really like him? It was so hard to pick from his many videos which one to post. He’s actually composed some music as well. He composed Voyages with Ulli and it’s dedicated to Ulli Bögershausen who is his musical inspiration. You can find the rest of his videos on Youtube. This kid is just ridiculously talented. I am amazed that he’s this good after playing for 2 years. I’m totally a huge fan now. Is it weird to be a fangirl of an 11 year old boy? Well probably but, I hope you are converted too!


One Response to “Musicality”

  1. james April 14, 2008 at 12:59 am #

    man.. makes me want to pick one up and learn! I’ve always wanted to play the geetaR!

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