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Out of Ideas

9 Apr

Since I can’t think of anything really interesting to post about right now I’ll share with you my day. I went to visit my buddy James since he has almost the same amount of free time as I do these days. That is to say…. waaaaaay too much free time these days. Hung out at his place chatting with him, his mom, aunt, and grandmother for most of the afternoon. The aunt & grandmother are visiting over from Japan & we chatted about his recent trip to Japan, knitting, shopping and other girly things while enjoying some of the best green tea I’ve ever had. (His mom translated ^_^) His family is so sweet! They made me feel very welcome. Some pictures with James & his mom:

Psst… James is single and a great catch. Super considerate sweet guy! Any interested applicants please contact me. ~_^

We went to watch 21. It was pretty good, and I found it to be entertaining.  Ah to be able to play in Vegas like a rock star… just for one weekend. How cool would that be? Too bad I’m not a math genius… oh well~

Got home and was greeted thus:

… and that was my day.  ^_^