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Obscure Methods of Torture

7 Apr

How is everyone’s Monday going?  I went to the optometrist to pick up my glasses.  They called saying that my new lenses for my glasses were finished.  I am out $175 for lenses only…  >_<   wth…   I guess it’s because I am pretty much blind.  I’m -5.25 in my left and -6.25 in my right.  So they have to do some super double compressed with special coating lenses to prevent me from having extreme coke bottle 2″ thick glasses.  (O_O)

As part of my pick up, I had to have my eyes dialated.  I’m tellin’ you I HATE having my eyes dilated.  For those of you lovely folks who haven’t had to endure this.  It’s not fun.  I look like some freaked out cat with super dilated pupils right now.  Actually, my pupils are almost as wide as my irises.  Weird.  They put in a series of eye drops to do this.  The first of which feels like soapy water.  Not fun.  Wait 20 minutes for your eyes to fully dilate and then take you in to get the insides of your eyeballs examined with a super bright light in your eye.  More not fun.

Make sure to bring a driver… because you will turn into Dracula, have extreme light sensitivity and will not be able to drive.  Also bring a pair of dark sunglasses, or they may offer something that looks like Blu Blockers from the 80s.  Remember those?  lol  I am kind of dizzy and disoriented.  At least my vision is good enough now to read the computer screen.

Ahhh… hiding in my dark study waiting for my vision to return to normal.  O.o