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Wedding Dresses, Choux & Shoes

5 Apr

I had quite a busy day today. Let me share it with you. It started off waking up at 7:45 to drive down to Costa Mesa for a sample wedding dress sales event. I met up with Gina (the Bride To Be) and June (a Bridesmaid) already at the hotel waiting in line outdoors by the ballroom at 9:20. (Doors open at 10)  Oh man it was cold out there… good thing I picked up some egg mcmuffins and other goodness to eat while we waited in line. We were stared at enviously by the other 40 or so other women there at the time. HA!

Let me pause the story here to speak about brides-to-be and the weird people they become during this whole process. Some one had brought a full length mirror and was standing in line with it. wth? It had her name scrawled across the top in sharpie on a big piece of masking tape… They did have mirrors inside btw. Just kind of overboard in my opinion. Anyway, the ballroom was full of all these women in their underwear getting in and out of wedding dresses. Now for you guys who are reading this and regretting missing such an opportunity; all was not roses. I got an unwanted eye full of someone wearing sheer white grannie panties. I can’t complain though, poor Gina got flashed a front side wedgie… O.o ew… maintenance please! Gina was smart and wore black bike short and a tube top under her clothes. Heh. Tried on about 12 different dresses and confirmed that her original choice back at the rental shop was the best bet. Lots of fun was had by all despite the random unwanted flashing. [Come to think of it… maybe all those women were just weird to begin with… :\ ]

Stopped by South Coast Plaza for some coffee at Nordies to chat and unwind. I managed to sneak in a little knitting. We then headed over to a restaurant called Old Vine Cafe per Gina’s Yelp research.

YUM!! We had the Beef and Truffle Panini with homemake potato chips, Omelet Espana with house potatoes (more starch!), the Caramel Apple French Toast and a glass of Sangria. It was all really quite tasty! I mean heck.. doesn’t it look good? mmmm… that Sangria was really good too!

Headed over to Nordstrom Rack to get some shopping in. I actually found some cute sneakers there and picked them up. They were $45. (Orig. $65.) made by Onitsuka Tiger. (This is the first time I’ve heard of this company.) Okay, not the best deal, but I’ve been looking for some cute sneakers for a while now. Why is it that non athletic sneakers without weird designs are so damn hard to find? Well, the search is over so I guess I really don’t need to rant about it any more. My fav. part about these shoes are the yellow/white stripy laces. Kya~~ \(^_^)/~

Came home and my sister had made a delicious Shepard’s Pie (ver. Chicken.0) mmMMMmmm… I guess after seeing it on Everyday Baking this afternoon had decided she had to make choux with vanilla ice cream. I’ll let the picture speak for itself. They’re SUPER easy to make. You can get the recipe here!

Well… that was my long day. I’m quite pooped. That may explain why this post is so long and goes on and on and on..