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Busy Bee

3 Apr

Let’s play: What has Paula been up to this past week?

1) Sleeping
2) Being a hermit
3) Re-purposing yarn

If you guessed #3, then you’re right and you win [insert something clever here]. I am a cheapie and to feed my yarn habit I have started to re-purpose yarn from sweaters. Yes… I have a yarn habit. Don’t laugh, it’s addicting I tell you! I go into yarn stores and pet soft yarn and dream about buying them. Unfortunately, good quality yarn can get pricey and I’m not willing to spend $100+ for a project… yet. So, I did some thrift store crawling and found some sweaters with some really nice yarn that I’d knit/crochet with. I picked up 3 sweaters for a little under five bucks. I’d never done this before but read about people who did. In prep, I went out and bought some Soak which is a soap for hand knit items. [Quick tangent here: Soak is really cool, biodegradable, and no rinse… yep.. no rinse = less work. Can be used for anything delicate that you are supposed to hand wash. I got the A Scent for Celebration version from Cozy Cottage Fabrics in Brea. The smell is hard to describe, but is mild and kind of refreshing in a soapy way. ^_^ ]

Little did I realize quite how much work it takes to unravel a sweater into usable yarn. Some action shots:

This is what I started with…

Yuki likes to sit on the soft cushiony sweater pieces. I think this dog was a cat in his former life. >_<

This is the whole sweater unraveled in hanks and hanging from my Ikea lamp. It’s a tad less than 900 yards of worsted weight yarn. Composition: 69% Lambs wool, 19% Angora, 12% Nylon. It’s all kinky from being in the sweater and waiting to be washed.

Hanging to dry after a wash. Yes, those are some beanie babies… I couldn’t find anything else to evenly weigh down the yarn. I ended up taking them off out of color bleeding fear, but aren’t they cute? It looks like some freak ghetto doll carnival ride lol

Anyway… I’ve got the 2nd sweater unraveled and soaking. I still have to wind up the first batch into center pull balls. Is it a whole lot of work? um.. yeah it is. Am I regretting this? Not yet, it’s actually kind of soothing and having new yarn makes me happy. wheeeeeee~~