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25 Apr

I must be on a apple/ cinnamon/ sugar/ crust type kick lately. Today when my 6 year old cousin came over to hang out, all I could think was: “Making some apple dumplings is the perfect thing to do! ” Jonathan’s older sis Katy was called away to cover for someone at her part time job. (Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream btw… I know~ YUM =^_^=) So, I had to figure out something to do to keep the kiddo busy and not just starin at the TV watching Pokemon for hours. Mind you, he’d be perfectly happy if I let him do that. Go figure. Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Apple Dumplings seemed like the perfect solution for an afternoon of good times to be had by all.

They’re pretty darn easy to make. The dough is just some crescent rolls in a can. I will warn you, the fat/sugar content in these little beauties is not for the faint of heart… but MY oh MY are they worth it! Jonathan got to help out by buttering the baking dish & then wrapping the apple wedges in dough and placing them in the pan. Alas, my oven was out to sabotosh our deelishus dessert and would not get hot enough. Damn old gas oven! after the alloted 40 min in the oven I went to go check and the dumplings had risen but would not brown. O.o I was not to be thwarted! I switched to our convection oven (which is a microwave most days) and finished off the browning in there.

Oh My Dear Gawd! >_< YOU MUST MAKE THESE! If the whole recipe seems like a bit much… then I suppose you could 1/2 it & maybe cook in a pie pan or something? Serve with vanilla ice cream and then die a happy death!

Tomorrow I’m going to whip up Pioneer Woman’s recipe entitled: Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich. I’ll update you on how that goes. (Psst… thanks Gina for showing me the site!)

One more pic b/c the kid is too darn cute! See the missing tooth?



23 Apr

I just got back a little while ago from a quick trip to Target. I was gripped by a sudden, powerful and inexplicable craving for kettle fried potato chips and diet Dr Pepper, Cherry Vanilla version. No, I’m not preggers… although I have a healthy suspicion hormones are involved. Anyway, not just any potato chip. Oh no! Specifically the Target brand, Archer Farms kettle chips. These are no ordinary potato chips. I think they are the best potato chips ever. The husband actually took a few bags to Chile when he flew back in Dec for his brother-in-law who was desperate to have some. I think he actually misses those chips more than he does In n Out. :\ The BIL that is… the hubs is craving Pho like crazy. Anyway, Parmesan Garlic are my favorite flavor. Do your self a favor and the next time you’re in Target, pick up a bag. You eyes will roll back in delight! MMMmmmmmmmm

Anyone else LOVE the $1 section at the entrance of Target? I cannot walk into a Target w/o browsing through it. Today I found some cool expanding file things that would be perfect to organize these circular knitting needles I’ve been contemplating buying. Well, usually if you buy from that seller the normal way and skip the ‘buy it now,’ you can get the set for $10. Since, I already have the storage option I suppose I might as well just get them. (HA! See how smoothly that was done? Of course, most of you aren’t quite as ill in the head as I am…. or are you?)

Are you a man of good character where women are concerned?

23 Apr

Ever wish that your life was a musical? Ever been in a situation where all of a sudden you seem to have an out of body experience and imagine everyone breaking out into song and dance… related to whatever topic is at hand? I have. I personally know at least one or maybe two others, for sure who have had this thought just like me. I believe that a strong like of musical theater is required. Maybe just a dash of mental instability for flavor thrown in.

Well… we’re not alone. Not only that. Someone actually went and did it. This is very cool. Srsly.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Brought to you by the folks at Improv Everywhere.

Get Your Green On!

22 Apr

It’s Earth Day today.  You know, once upon a time I was actually an active member of the Environmental Awareness Club at school.  I have wonderful memories of doing beach cleanups and thing of that nature.  I think it helped me to realize that everyone individually really can make a difference.  In honor of Earth Day, I’ve decided to shamelessly copy a list of things you can do today to celebrate Earth Day from the wikiHow page.

How to Celebrate Earth Day

  1. Plant trees. As the date also roughly coincides with US Arbor Day, over time Earth Day has taken on the role of tree-planting. Planting trees helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, clean pollution, secure soil in place to prevent erosion, and provide homes for a lot of biodiversity.
  2. Learn more about the environment. Earth Day is a good time to make a commitment to learning more about the environment and how you can help to protect it. Borrow some library books and read up on an issue such as pollution, endangered species, water shortages, recycling, and climate change. Or, learn about a region you’ve never considered before, like the Arctic, the deserts, or the rainforests. Think about the issues that concern you the most and if you haven’t done so already, join a local group that undertakes activities to help protect the environment in your area.
  3. Reduce, reuse and recycle all day long. Buy as little as possible and avoid items that come in lots of packaging. Support local growers and producers of food and products – these don’t have to travel as far and so reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Take your drink container with you, and don’t use any disposable plates or cutlery. Recycle all the things you do use for the day or find other uses for things that you no longer use. Carry a cloth bag for carrying things in and recycle your plastic bags.
  4. Get children to recycle their old toys and games. By giving their old toys and games to younger children who could make use of them, older children learn two lessons: One is about giving to others and the second is about reusing and recycling instead of throwing things away. Adults can also do this with clothes, electrical items, books and more. Learn about product exchange communities like Freecycle and other alternatives.
  5. Rid Litter Rid litter from our roadways. Many groups use the weekend of Earth Day to clear roadways, highways and neighborhood streets of litter that has accumulated since the last clean-up day. Many companies donate gloves and bags for clean-up groups and villages organize bag pick ups. Once the group has collected the trash and placed the recycled bags along the road, get the village public works department to pick the bags up. It’s a wonderful community project. Great for scout troops, rotary clubs and the like.
  6. Teach others about the environment. Teachers, professionals, students, in fact anyone who cares about the environment and is willing to teach others, can all provide environmental lessons for others. Most schools already celebrate Earth Day in the classrooms with activities but there are many other ways you can teach about the environment. For example, give a speech at your local library on how to compost with worms; take a group of children down to the recycling center to show them how things are recycled; recite nature poems in the park; offer to teach your office colleagues how to make environmentally-friendly choices at work during one lunch hour. Everyone has environmental knowledge they can share with others.
  7. Wear green and/or brown. Dress in environmental colors for the day; think “tree”! Wear badges if you have them that carry pithy summaries of your environmental views.
  8. Engage others in conversations about your environmental concerns. Don’t be bossy or pushy, just tell people some facts and then explain your feelings about them. Encourage them to respond and if they have no opinions or they seem to not know much, help them learn some more by imparting your environmental knowledge in a friendly and helpful manner.
  9. Cook a special Earth Day meal. Plan a menu that uses locally produced foods, is healthy and has minimal impact on the environment. Favour vegetable and bean products, as these use less resources to grow than mass-farmed meat. If you still would like meat, look for locally produced, organic meat. Try and have organic food completely. Decorate the table with recycled decorations made by you and your friends.
  10. Consider buying a carbon offset to make up for the greenhouse gas emissions you create on the other 364 days of the year. Carbon offsets fund reductions in greenhouse gas emissions through projects such as wind farms, that displaces energy from fossil fuels.
  11. Ride your bike. Use your bicycle or other forms of human powered transportation to commute to work or school and to run errands.
  12. Remember: Every day is Earth Day. Anything to help our environment is a perfect thing to do on Earth Day and every day. Don’t restrict yourself to just one day a year; learn about how you can make a difference to environmental protection all the time. And put it into practice – every day!

Get out there and do it!

Why Crocheting and Manga Don’t Mix

17 Apr

Just in case you don’t know. There isn’t supposed to be a loopy type thing there. I wasn’t paying attention while reading online manga and crocheted into the wrong place. Good thing I caught it fairly quickly and didn’t have to frog very much. Btw, frog = unravel for non-crochet/knitty folks. Why you ask do they call it frogging? Well… because you “rip it” out… the stitches that is. Rip it, rip it…. sound familiar? Yeah I know… bad bad knitting humor. >_<;; Seriously, it’s a term that everyone uses. When in Rome~

Anyway, this is going to be baby blanket for my soon to enter the world nephew, hubby’s side of the family.

Oh… and no comments from the peanut gallery about my juvenile hobbies. 😛


15 Apr

Well, at least the weather has returned to normal. :\

Calling all Bibliophiles

15 Apr

Okay… technically maybe bookworm would be a better term since I’m talking about digital media… but I digress. I recently joined a cool website that has free ebooks available online for download. Wowio is a pretty interesting concept. They get publishers to make their books available online for free download. The revenue comes from companies who pay to have their advertising included in the 1st couple of pages of each book they sponsor. The books come in .pdf format. There isn’t a whole lot available yet, but some of what they have is interesting. If you are into comics and graphic novels they seem to have a decent collection. You can always make requests for certain types of books that you are interested in. I hear they try really hard to accommodate that kind of interest. You may download up to 3 books per day and a maximum of 30 books per month. There is a queue available. (Almost exactly the same to if you do that DVD by mail thing.) I have currently 32 books in my queue.

You must have a non anonymous email address to sign up. ie: Hotmail, gmail, etc. don’t work. You can change your main contact email to whatever as soon as you finish the registration process. I actually didn’t get my confirmation email and had to email customer service. They were very prompt (1 day) about replying to me and getting me set up. ^_^

I still love the whole sensory experience of reading a physical book, but this is a great way to read some books I otherwise wouldn’t buy or go to the trouble of borrowing from the library.

Some books from my DL history and queue:

  • The Theory of Everything: The Origin and Fate of the Universe by Stephen W. Hawking
  • Knitting Beyond the Basics: Skill-Building Lessons and Must-Have Projects by Rebecca Lennox
  • The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle
  • The Early Works of Dr. Seuss – Volume 1 by Theodor Seuss Geisel
  • Learn Excel 97-2007 From Mr. Excel: 377 Excel Mysteries Solved by Bill Jelen
  • Sonnets by William Shakespeare
  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley