Girlz, Shopping ‘n more

9 Feb

Today was a good day.  The weather was unexpectedly warm today.  The sky was super blue.  I’d say it hit the mid 70’s.  Spent the day at the mall with my sister and 3 of my cousins.  Two drove up from San Diego to hang out with me before I leave for Chile.  It was really nice and I bought some super cute shoes with the gift card I received from helping out with the Christmas party at work.  A girly kind of afternoon… We then went to all you can eat Korean BBQ… yum!

There is a major party going on at the house next door… it sounds like they’re having fun.  I wonder who’s celebration it is..?  My neighbor is this really sweet retired couple who take vacations RVing all over the place.  Right now, it’s thumping like a major club & there is some microphone/speaker setup… I can’t make out what is being said, but there is much hootin’ and a hollerin’ going on.  I wonder if it is a party for one of their grand-kids…

My father in law is in the ICU at the hospital now, he’s been there since Sunday night.  He’d developed an infection and he had surgery yesterday.  Suffice to say that the man is very ill… but he made it through the surgery well and if he’s okay for the next 24 hours or so then they’ll move him to a normal hospital room.  It’s been a nerve wracking couple of days.  I was close to having to drop everything and hop on a plane.  There was a high chance he wasn’t going to make it.  For now they seem to be out of the super danger zone… he just needs to overcome the infection.  Everyone is breathing a little easier now…

Great weather… fun afternoon… successful shopping expedition… hanging out w/my sis and cousins… yummy dinner…  FIL made it through surgery well… even the people next door are having fun.

There were so many things to be grateful for today.  It’s just one of those days where I can say I am happy.  Life was enjoyable today.


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