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Last Day @ Work

22 Feb

Today was my last day.  At times I had my doubts that it would actually come.  Miraculously I woke up this morning relatively stress free.  It was a crazy day I can’t believe I managed to clear out all my stuff.

My super sweet co-workers surprised me with a digital photo frame full of pictures of my co-workers and my cubicle.  They said it was so I could remember them and reminice about working with them.  It was really so touching, I was a big baby and cried~  They had sneaked around for the past couple of weeks trying to take photos of everyone to upload.

Hyewon if you’re reading this THANK YOU SO MUCH for spending all the time to put that together.  It really touched my heart and I am genuinely sad to leave you guys.

I have so much to write in regards to this.. but it’s late and we partied hard.  So… sleepy  zzzZZZZZZZ


In my backyard

18 Feb

…this is growing:

Peach blossoms

please excuse the horrible picture with the distracting background.  I didn’t have time to mess w/my digi cam’s F stop settings before the battery died

Be Mine

14 Feb

Are you braving ridiculously crowded restaurants tonight?  Did you make your reservations last week?  Were all the flowers and such ordered?  (Unlike my co-worker who was ordering today at 10am… it’s a miracle he got a decent arrangement by 2pm.)  I am staying home this year.  Hubby & I decided to celebrate once I get to Santiago next month. 

For some reason winter is just being kind of brutal for Los Angeles this year.  It was raining this morning and now the winds are up.  Brrrrr~~~

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  @}—->——

Girlz, Shopping ‘n more

9 Feb

Today was a good day.  The weather was unexpectedly warm today.  The sky was super blue.  I’d say it hit the mid 70’s.  Spent the day at the mall with my sister and 3 of my cousins.  Two drove up from San Diego to hang out with me before I leave for Chile.  It was really nice and I bought some super cute shoes with the gift card I received from helping out with the Christmas party at work.  A girly kind of afternoon… We then went to all you can eat Korean BBQ… yum!

There is a major party going on at the house next door… it sounds like they’re having fun.  I wonder who’s celebration it is..?  My neighbor is this really sweet retired couple who take vacations RVing all over the place.  Right now, it’s thumping like a major club & there is some microphone/speaker setup… I can’t make out what is being said, but there is much hootin’ and a hollerin’ going on.  I wonder if it is a party for one of their grand-kids…

My father in law is in the ICU at the hospital now, he’s been there since Sunday night.  He’d developed an infection and he had surgery yesterday.  Suffice to say that the man is very ill… but he made it through the surgery well and if he’s okay for the next 24 hours or so then they’ll move him to a normal hospital room.  It’s been a nerve wracking couple of days.  I was close to having to drop everything and hop on a plane.  There was a high chance he wasn’t going to make it.  For now they seem to be out of the super danger zone… he just needs to overcome the infection.  Everyone is breathing a little easier now…

Great weather… fun afternoon… successful shopping expedition… hanging out w/my sis and cousins… yummy dinner…  FIL made it through surgery well… even the people next door are having fun.

There were so many things to be grateful for today.  It’s just one of those days where I can say I am happy.  Life was enjoyable today.

Super Tuesday

5 Feb

Clinton, just in case you were wondering~

Quick update on work situation

4 Feb

Just in case some of you kiddies are keeping track, giving notice went extremely well.  I was really prepared for the worst.  I mean seriously sweating bullets agonizing over how I could say what I wanted to say in a way that wouldn’t just immediately dismissed.  What I didn’t expect and what happened was the acceptance to my criticism & understanding of my position and the overall issues I felt needed to be addressed.  It was a bit surreal.  Some of you may say that I was overreacting.  I assure you I was not.  I have seen that woman seriously lay into people for no good reason leaving them a teary mess.  (Not that I’d be that upset if she had gotten nasty.  Or at least I hope I’m a little tougher than that.)  Of course they’re trying to delay my departure… but that isn’t going to happen.  Now that I’ve made my decision to leave, I am anxious to move on. 

A part of me is beginning to have separation anxiety of the thought of leaving almost everything I associate with “home”. (The exception to that being my husband…. ok ok I know that was kind of saccharin and we’re not even quite at 2/14 yet.)  The thought of leaving here and moving to a country where I don’t even speak the language is frightening.  (Dang it, I KNEW I should have taken Spanish in HS~ @#%!! )  The control freak part of myself is starting to, well… just slightly freak out.  I think I’ll be okay.  I am sure that this is normal for anyone who has relocated in a similar fashion.  I think the amount of time left before I leave is getting to a place where I’m feeling a bit of a squeeze.  I’ve been telling myself that I have “plenty of time”.  Well… no longer.

Sentimental City Concert

3 Feb

Last night I went to the Sentimental City concert at the Wilshire Ebel theater with a couple of friends (Gina & Kelly).  The title of the concert was just the theme.  Lee, So Ra & Sung, Si Kyung were the two singers.  If you are not familiar with Korean singers, both are accomplished and loved singers.  They are both singers of ballads and have teamed up for this concert tour which managed to make it’s way to LA. (Although, Lee So Ra can really rock out too~)

The theater was on the small side which made for an intimate style setting.  We had seats that were on the 1st floor dead center.  Amazing.  I was not at all disappointed.  Both are amazing live.  Lee, So Ra was very impressive.  I was struck by how her performances were so powerful yet managed to allow the audience to be right along side her to feel the pain she felt in the sad lyrics of her songs on such an intimate level.  (She sings mostly sad songs about heart break.)  On the other hand Sung, Si Kyung who’s voice was so very smooth didn’t connect quite so well but made up for it by just touching the hearts of all the women in the audience.  There were a few times where the entire theater went silent during his ballads, no hoots, no claps, just awe.  I strongly suspect that everyone was involved in fantasies involving what it would be like to have him as a boyfriend. ^_^  (Of course it doesn’t hurt that the guy is maybe 6’4″ or so… ah we Korean women are such suckers for tall guys, esp. ones who sing well~ )  Both did songs alone and in duet.

Gina & Kelly both took pics and vids so, I’ll post some up later for your viewing pleasure~

In the meanwhile, here are some video clips of the two singers I found from a couple of months ago.  The concert songs were similar/same but the theatrical setting was much better.  Also, for some reason Sung, Si Kyung doesn’t look nearly as cute here as he normally does.  Oh well… at least you get the idea .

잊지 말기로 해 (Don’t Forget)

두 사람 (Two People)