An Uncreative Title

31 Jan

I am back from the dead.  Or near dead I should rather say.  A few things have happened since I last posted.

#1)  James, Gina and I decided to take a small trip of some-sort over MLK weekend.  (Actually, it was my idea.  I think I’m desperate anxious to make the most of the weeks I have left here.)  The plan originally was to go snowboarding, but that kind of fell through.  After some discussion, the San Diego Zoo became our new destination with an evening in downtown SD thrown in for good measure.  James managed to get only 1 hour sleep after a longnight of poker.  So he spent most of the rest of the day trying to stay awake.  It was a fun trip to the zoo.  Not quite what I was expecting.  I think Gina summed it up well. “It was fun, but not as magical a place as it was when I was a kid.”  (or something similar, don’t remember the exact wording)  We ended up having dinner at the Blue Ginger in the Gas-lamp District.  Gina had originally chosen 2 seafood restaurants from Yelp reviews.  Oddly, one was closed for renovations and the other wasn’t built yet.  Talk about bad luck~  O.o  If you like hoisin sauce a lot and salty food then you’d like Blue Ginger.  If not, stay the hell away.

#2)  I guess that spending the day out in the chilly air really did me in.  I woke up on Monday morning totally incapacitated by a severe cold.  I pretty much slept the rest of the day and called in sick on Tuesday.  I had to drag my uber sick butt out of bed and go to work on Wed. b/c we had a meeting that I had to attend in the morning.  That evil mtg started at 9am and ended at 12:30pm  >_<  Everyone commented on how horribly sick I seemed… [sarcasm] yet strangely no one suggested I go home and rest.  hrm…. [/sarcasm]  I spent the rest of last week just trying to function.  It was the oddest cold.  I’m used to being ill and then just having an annoying cough/runny nose/sore throat for a few days.  This time around the cold was one of those “suck the life force out of you” types.  Only now two weeks after coming down with the cold do I have enough energy to work through the day and sit at the computer at home.

#3)  I’m giving my resignation notice at work tomorrow.  It would take a very long post solely dedicated to the subject to even start talking about the nonsense that goes on.  Suffice to say for now that they basically screwed me over at the end of the day yesterday and tried to disguise it as a department reorganization.  Nice eh?  Little do they know that their evil plans do not affect me.  Although I have to say if I wasn’t relocating, this would have the deciding factor for me to leave.  Anger/outrage aside, in the process of said reorg. they set themselves up for an even bigger problem once I leave.  I shouldn’t gloat/enjoy others difficulties… but this is just Oh~ So~ Sweet~   I am rather apprehensive about actually going through the resignation process with the manager.  It’s one thing to gloat about it, it’s another to get through the ordeal that I know will happen tomorrow.  Oh it will be ugly… :\    I hope it isn’t as bad as I think it might be.  Well~ 3 more weeks kiddies and I will never have to deal with that place and those people again.

San Diego Zoo Pics:

Waiting for the tram tour to start

Cute goat @ petting zoo

Bebeh Goat

Hungry Peacock


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