More Rainy Days

4 Jan

Well, the holidays have been keeping me busy and away from blogging.  Quick summary:

  • I had to coordinate my company’s Christmas party event at the last min to help out a friend.  (omg.. nearly killed myself.. but I might have found a new career~  lol)
  • Hubs still in Chile..
  • Spent Christmas day with a bunch of girlfriends having a home-cooked FABULOUS holiday dinner.  (Mostly made by Moyah)  Did the “family” Christmas thing on Christmas Eve
  • Spent an extremely windy New Years Eve at home with the sis drinking vodka tonics w/lime & lemon drop martinis

Now that I’ve made the decision to relocate to Chile, putting up with the bs at work has become more and more unbearable.  I keep fantasizing about quiting my job and working at Starbucks or something until I leave.

 It’s pouring rain outside now… Maybe a snowboarding trip up to Big Bear this coming MLK weekend is in order~


One Response to “More Rainy Days”

  1. Cheryl Nakao January 5, 2008 at 10:19 pm #

    You’re relocating to Chile? Sounds like fun. Now I feel guilty for not telling you I was down in your neck of the woods for New Years.

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