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Rain Rain go away~

18 Dec

What a dismal day today.  Usually I love it when it rains.  Almost like a symbolic cleansing of the world. 

Rainy days are not for:

  • Forgetting your umbrella,
  • Leaving the house late and having to deal with driving to the train station in the rain
  • Walking to my office in the rain from the subway stop w/o an umbrella, etc

Rainy days are good for:

  • Staying home
  • Cozying up with a blanket
  • Good book
  • Hot tea

Speaking of tea…  I’ve been on a big tea kick ever since going to Chado for afternoon tea.  (tea pots, finger sandwiches, scones, the whole bit).  I had some wonderful jasmine and assam tea there.  Thanks to a co-worker of mine I was introduced to Revolution Teas.  So far my favorite is the Sweet Ginger Peach Tea, which I am crazy about.  Today I tried the White Pear Tea which was lovely and refreshing.


Christmas Baking

17 Dec

Got together with some friends today to do some holiday baking.  Our friend James was gracious enough to lend us his gorgeous kitchen.  The price being a few baked goodies.  Put on some holiday music and got our hands dirty.  Lots of fun was had by all.  I must say that the scones with devonshire cream were quite tasty!  I got the both recipes from  The scone recipe is here, and the devonshire cream recipe is here for anyone who is interested in trying them.  We also made some cookies.  I learned something new… shortbread cookies with Hershey kisses pressed into the middle of them baked before properly chilled make cookies that look like nipples  >_<

We also got to try some gourmet cheese.  That was definitely and olfactory adventure.  Apparently the more stinky the cheese, the more mild it tastes and the mild smelling cheeses were actually quite tangy and strong in flavor.  The first one we tried was super soft and actually was a bit on the juicy side with liquid seeping out of it.  It reeked of spoiled milk… seriously gross.  I almost chickened out, but interestingly it tasted so creamy like butter.  Some of the best soft cheese I think I’ve ever eaten.

Please excuse the dust

12 Dec

Welcome everyone to my new blog site.  Not that I have been blogging on a regular basis for some time now.

 Now the fun part of trying to move my old archives  >_<