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15 Apr

Ok just a little house cleaning, I fixed the photo’s link and added a few new photos… 

Let’s see.. what’s new. Well I’m shopping for a japanese lunch jar, also known as a bento.  Here is a link for some of the different models:  Lunch Jars  also Mr. Bento

My dad has one of these made by Tiger.  I swear we’ve had that for years and it’s SO convienent to have.  Not to mention how durable it is and how long it’s lasted.

I can’t decide which one I want to buy.  I have seen the Mrs Bento made by Zojirushi, but it’s too small and the tote is too big.  I also don’t like how the lunch jar is laid sideways in that model.  I am leaning toward the Mr Bento model because I like the sleek black tote and it’s also stainless steel, but I don’t know how heavy it might be.  They are also not cheap.  I am keep telling myself that it’s an investment.  I will save money in the long run on the cost of buying lunch, not to mention how much healthier it is for me to pack my own.  I think the most important factor is that I am afraid that I won’t end up using it that often.  Well… i’m going to have to make a trip to Marukai soon. 

Currently I am using tupperware type containers and a gift bag to tote my lunch.  I suppose that is plenty functional, but yanno it’s just not nearly as cool as a lunch jar 😉