Know It All’s

22 Mar

You all have come across them.  Those people who think they know it all.  Tonight I was sitting in a korean restaruant/cafe watching Yanni live @ the Acropolis on the screens they had up.  Just some mood music i guess.  I suppose it must have been the manager’s DVD.  The waitress/manager walks up to us noticing that we were avidly watching the show and says: “Isn’t this great?  It is Yanni.. filmed live in Montreal!”  It was rather amusing.  Especially since the back drop for the concert was the old ruins of Acropolis.  She was so smug about it too.  I was trying not to laugh the rest of the night.  heh.. so the moral of the story is: play dumb you’ll end up looking smarter in the long run.  j/k 

“Hey guys… is Washington DC in Georgia???”  


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