Hi Ho the derry oh a bloggin i will go~

25 Feb

Well.. It would seem that I have jumped on the blogging bandwagon again.  Here you will find misc ramblings, vents, and other random thoughts of mine.

I hope that this will be a way for me to express myself and organize my random thoughts.  Not to mention a way for me to remember how to write in english.   heh Speaking korean all day long at work has not been very beneficial, well for speaking coherent english anyway.  Not a week goes by when I mix up an idiom or something equally appaling.  >.< (just noticed.. there isn’t a speel chek.. i hope i don’t misspeel two ofteen  O.o) (also.. typing in this thing is laggy… grr… annoying   damn microsoft… it’s the new AOL)

Well, here are a few photos .. ta ta~


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