!@#!@#!*$@#$ !!!!!!!!

15 Apr

gawd.. i’m having one of those days… My tire is flat… they’re less than 2 months old… I am just fed up. So damn tired. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m ok.. that i look so tired… well.. yes.. i AM TIRED DAMNIT. I just want so deparately to throw in the towel and quit everything…. why the hell am I still here dealing with all this shit… Why the fuck is everyone being so damned passive aggressive?!?!? U got a problem with me… the just tell me… shit! I keep telling myself that when i leave my job at my aunts place here… I will make sure she isn’t left S.O.L. I keep telling myself to be patient with people. Why is it that it seems as if I am the only one being patient and trying to be understanding and caring anymore. gawd… just want to go home and cry. or yell… or something.. anything except being here dealing with this shit. I’m tired of being the ‘bigger person’ I think i’ve finally reached the end of my patience. I really don’t think i can be nice, patient, understanding anymore. noh mu, noh mu him duh roh… jung mal.. mo dun gohn ji poh gi ha go ship da… ::cries::


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