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Tickled my funny bone

24 Apr

I was talking to my friend John on the commute home yesterday and he said this:

“squeamish is just a nice way of calling someone a bitch”

I don’t know why… but I found that to be really really funny. He’s in the army reserves. Rather straighforward guy. Shares all kinds of information about himself that.. well.. no one really wants to know. ^^ To give you the context of that statement.. we were debating why some people get squeamish about cleaning their own catch after going fishing. Anyone he consider’s remotely wimpy he calls a bitch… lol I dunno, I thought that was hilarious at the time *shrug


(_._) z z Z

23 Apr

So… I passed out at 7:30pm last night. I think I slept for 11 hours. Yesterday was a rather stressful day. We finally got some garments delivered that we had orders on… only to find that the grade line on the garments were perpendicular to what they should be. In laymans terms… the tanks didn’t strech horizontally like they should have. Instead, the fabric stretched vertically. We can’t sell garments like that. No one would be able to wear them.. >.< If you’re still confused, imagine putting on a tight t-shirt that didn’t stretch to the sides. The fabric cost alone is over $3000… not including cutting, sewing, and the lace trim costs… >.<;; SO.. not only are we out thousands of dollars… but we are going to have to explain to a few customers why they’re orders are going to take twice as long as usual. oy~ O.o hehehe at least I’m not stressed about it anymore… and for once i feel rested.

Spring is in the air

22 Apr

Ok.. It’s Tuesday. I’m redoing my resume as we speak. I have the most wonderful relaxing weekend. All the stress that had built up over everything that was unresolved has finally gone. I haven’t felt this peaceful and happy in months. I have an itching to go shopping. Feeling like i need to redo my wardrobe into spring/summer-like things. Had a wonderful Easter with my family. Since Easter was so late this year we ended up spending Easter going out for my mother’s birthday. Life is finally falling back into place. I am feeling balanced again


18 Apr

Ok… finally gave notice yesterday. It went much smoother than I had expected. I suppose with all the madness going on I was preparing for the worst. If I had known it would go so smoothly then I would have done this ages ago. So, now time to write up cover letter’s and such… oh joy ::sarcasm:: I’m feeling much much better. I’m finally getting some resolution on things that have been hanging in the air. Time to reorganize and reprioritize.

!@#!@#!*$@#$ !!!!!!!!

15 Apr

gawd.. i’m having one of those days… My tire is flat… they’re less than 2 months old… I am just fed up. So damn tired. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m ok.. that i look so tired… well.. yes.. i AM TIRED DAMNIT. I just want so deparately to throw in the towel and quit everything…. why the hell am I still here dealing with all this shit… Why the fuck is everyone being so damned passive aggressive?!?!? U got a problem with me… the just tell me… shit! I keep telling myself that when i leave my job at my aunts place here… I will make sure she isn’t left S.O.L. I keep telling myself to be patient with people. Why is it that it seems as if I am the only one being patient and trying to be understanding and caring anymore. gawd… just want to go home and cry. or yell… or something.. anything except being here dealing with this shit. I’m tired of being the ‘bigger person’ I think i’ve finally reached the end of my patience. I really don’t think i can be nice, patient, understanding anymore. noh mu, noh mu him duh roh… jung mal.. mo dun gohn ji poh gi ha go ship da… ::cries::

Am I Dreaming?

14 Apr

Ever have those times where everything is surreal? I feel as if I’ve been dreaming the past couple of weeks. Like this place I’m in is some made up world in a book or movie that I’m particularly immersed in. Strange…

Well, on another note I went to so see Spirited Away yesterday. Despite the fact that it’s dubbed, It was excellent. I highly recommend this movie to everyone. Miyazaki is my favorate animator. His movies always have wonderful themes about the wonder of life through a child’s eyes. The Disney site can be found here. Can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD and watch the subtitled version. ^^ (they’re always so much better!)

Tired of monkey’s

4 Apr

Ok.. this template is getting old… the yellow is getting to me. As soon as I find some time I’m going to revamp this site.

As for my life situation. I’m looking for another job. I just can’t wait until the semester is over… Why is it when things don’t go right…. the end up going wrong in the worst way possible?? >.<