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Just Wondering

31 Mar

Who reads my weblog anymore? lol leave me a comment and say hi! ^^


My once in a blue moon update. >.<

27 Mar

Alrighty, time to update all you kiddies in internet land. Well life has been, shall we say one charcter building experience after another. To make things short and not to bore you with endless ranting (sorry gina) the old addage about 3’s a crowd is true… and yeah I don’t recommend working with either family or your significant other. Makes rather ticklish situations when you have work issues. Things have this messy way of not staying compartamentalized. >.< Not to mention… well you just don’t have anything interesting to share with your sig other. why? because you know pretty much everything that’s going on with one another. I’m planning on working elsewhere as soon as this semester is up. It’s going to be better for everyone… all 3 of us are gettin on each others last few nerves. It doesn’t help that things are stressful… the garment industry is in a horrible state right now. hardly anyone is buying clothes! So… cross our fingers… that we’re going to stick this out. and come out standing at the end.

On a more personal note for the first time in a while.. I’m really seeking to have a deeper relationship with Christ. For a long time i’ve been rather lukewarm in my faith. My aunt is prespyterian (sp? too darn tired to care) and so is my bf.. now i’m catholic.. and this poses a whole new interesting issue. I’ve been going to friday night and sunday service at their church… and also attending my mass on sunday’s as well. Why have I been going to their church? Well, it’s a lot of things… first.. just the desire to be more active.. and my little korean catholic church doesn’t provide the resouces i need. I also just wanted to understand better how it is that my sig other practices his faith. Things are pretty serious… so I wanted to really see for myself in an open minded way if his church was somewhere I could practice my faith in a way that made me feel comfortable and that i agreed with. No, just because my sig other is a certain denomination isn’t reason enough to convert, but still… I always dreamed of being with someone who I went to church with on Sunday.. and shared the sames beliefs I do. My conclusion so far.. is that there are good and bad points from both places… but i haven’t really given catholism a fair change. I am seriously considering chaging to an american catholic church… I don’t think I could be happy practicing my faith without partaking in the Eucharist. So… yeah… the good thing is that i’m praying a lot more… and spending lots of time in deep thought. Ok.. enough for now.. i’m getting delirous and I have to open the office early tomorrow morning… so gnite all…