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My Response…

24 Nov

To everyone who left me a reasonably mature and well meaning comment I want to thank you. I understand that you are just concerned for me. I am taking what you said into consideration. I am also not in the habit of quiting what I start. I gave myself a time limit of 6 months of which 3 have passed. I am making enough to be comfortable and I have benefits. I’m not losing out in anyway here by putting my all into this for these 6 months. Don’t worry folks.. I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket. The plan is to put my all into it for the next 3 months and see what happens. In anycase I am learning a ton about how to deal with all types of people. My listening skills are really becoming sharp. I don’t think that i’m losing out at all by giving it my best shot. Thanks for everyone’s concern. I’m not really deluding myself with thoughts of grandure… $250,000/yr etc… I see my manager working her butt off too. It isn’t going to be any walk in the park. So, we shall see… I’ll continue to keep all of you updated.