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My Response…

24 Nov

To everyone who left me a reasonably mature and well meaning comment I want to thank you. I understand that you are just concerned for me. I am taking what you said into consideration. I am also not in the habit of quiting what I start. I gave myself a time limit of 6 months of which 3 have passed. I am making enough to be comfortable and I have benefits. I’m not losing out in anyway here by putting my all into this for these 6 months. Don’t worry folks.. I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket. The plan is to put my all into it for the next 3 months and see what happens. In anycase I am learning a ton about how to deal with all types of people. My listening skills are really becoming sharp. I don’t think that i’m losing out at all by giving it my best shot. Thanks for everyone’s concern. I’m not really deluding myself with thoughts of grandure… $250,000/yr etc… I see my manager working her butt off too. It isn’t going to be any walk in the park. So, we shall see… I’ll continue to keep all of you updated.


CYDCOR Answers…

19 Nov

Ok… I know that this topic is a rather hot one. I also know that different offices run different campaigns… as well as function differently. There are independantly owned and operated. It sounds like some of you may have gone into an office that was doing B to C aquisition as well as demanded some long work hours. I don’t work Saturdays… I work m-f, get there at 7:30am.. usually i’m done around 7:30pm. That’s after finishing work, chit chatting and laughing with co-workers for a bit. I don’t think those are unreasonable work hours. As for signing up customer’s that don’t want the service/product. uh… all i have to say is.. one of the 4 impulse factors that you should have been taught is ‘indifference.’ In otherwords… if people don’t want it.. walk away. I work in the communications division, B to B customer aquisition. My whole office is NEVER pushy, the ethos is to communicate to the customer what the service is… if they aren’t interested then don’t push and just walk away. Ironically, you are more effective that way. Help the people who want your help and leave those who don’t alone. People are so defensive and expecting you to be a typical ‘pushy salesperson,’ that by maintaining indifference it throws them for a loop. I have had countless people ask me to come back as a i politely started leaving their place of business. They then became interested in this ‘thing’ whatever it is that i wasn’t so eager to push on them. I suppose customer’s feel like they might be losing out on a good opportunity. I don’t know what kind of boiler room type office you all managed to get into but they aren’t all like that. I can’t speak for all the offices… each manager runs things differently. That’s the beauty of the business, when you are promoted into management then you can determne how you would like to run your own office. I personally respect my manager and how they run things. If it wasn’t 120% ok w/me i would have left ages ago. So, yes… not all cydcor offices are like mine. *shrug* I’m happy where I am. I love what I do, it doesn’t offend my sense of morality at all, (which was a concern at the beginning) I respect my manager, leader, and co-workers. There is absolutely NOTHING shady at all in what I do. I am absolutely upfront with all my customers AND trainees. I lay out all the cards on the table. If it’s for them. Then great! If not, well… then that’s that.. oh well. I can’t help every customer, and not everyone is made for this job.